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Discover the perfect influencer for your brand. Work together effortlessly. Make creator marketing easy.

Discover a new era of marketing

Welcome to smooth partnerships that make your message stronger, expand your audience, and create a meaningful impact.

Discover the right creators

Tapasom helps you in discovering the best content creators to connect with your audience.

Connect & collaborate

Don't worry about ignored messages. Instead, send your requests directly to the creator and use our easy process for working together, and making payments – all in one spot.

Reach your audience

That's all there is to it! See your campaign start, grow your business, and create a community around your brand!

Revolutionizing the Collaboration Process

AI-Powered Streaming Chat

AI streaming chat makes it easier for businesses and creators to communicate while creating content. It helps them talk directly and efficiently, saving time and effort. The AI chat acts as a helper, giving instant advice and making collaboration smoother, so content gets done faster.

Partners and Contributors




“Tapasom has really helped us grow and make things easier in our marketing campaign. I'm excited to start using the new Discovery version to keep growing even more!”

Cleversh Inc

“what you're building with Tapasom is truly revolutionary in the world of marketing and user-generated content. The challenges faced by businesses in attracting and engaging users to generate content are very real, and your solution leverages NFT and AI technologies to create a game-changing platform. The idea of incentivizing and streamlining the UGC creation process is both innovative and necessary. Your AI integration, comprehensive planning, and AI-integrated agent offer a seamless and efficient way for businesses and creators to collaborate. This is a transformative approach to marketing collaboration, and I'm excited to see how Tapasom revolutionizes the industry. Best of luck with this groundbreaking venture!”

Youssra El Bakali
VP of Customer Success chez Zagomail

“It's refreshing to see Tapasom addressing the challenges many brands face when it comes to user-generated content. By leveraging both Crypto and AI technologies, you're certainly introducing a novel approach.”

Momcilo Stojkovic
CEO & Co-Founder of Videobolt

“Tapasom looks like a cool solution for local businesses, helping them engage users and manage budgets with AI and Crypto technologies. The AI-integrated agent and monitoring features are also exciting - streamlining communication and ensuring the right creator-brand matches.”

Daniel Zaitzow
Spearheading Ops at ContentBlocks

“The concept of connecting influencers and brands with minimal human intervention is fascinating.”

Prem Saini
Founder Zixflow

“Tapasom, the platform that unites creators and brands for unstoppable impact, is simply brilliant! It's a game-changing space where creativity and collaboration reach new heights. Whether you're a creator looking to expand your horizons or a brand seeking to make a mark, Tapasom is the perfect bridge. The seamless connection it offers has opened up endless opportunities, making it an indispensable tool in today's digital landscape. If you're looking to maximize your impact and potential, Tapasom is the place to be.”

Tracey Jhonson
CRM Specialist

“Tapasom's AI platform is a game-changer for influencer marketing! 🚀 How does it facilitate seamless collaborations between creators and brands, enhancing the marketing campaign experience? Looking forward to exploring the innovative features!”

Anthony Green
Co-Founder at OpenRep

Why Tapasom?

We're not just changing the idea of influence; we're also changing the whole story of how collaborations affect the online world